A Blog: Why Now?

Frankly, I’m late to the party.

Not just late, but SO late that the host has given up, started cleaning up the snacks and is ready to turn the lights out.

With some changes to my professional life, I decided now is probably a good time to carve a little place for myself online.  It’s a place I can post news, personal thoughts, random stuff that makes me laugh – or just share ideas and items of interest to others.

My goal (albeit a lofty one) is to have a place that people can check into – and take something away from.

If you aren’t willing to promote yourself a bit, then don’t expect that anyone else will either. (Speaking of…you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn if you are hopping around socials.)

I hope I can make it worth your time to stop by – and feel free to reach out anytime to offer your feedback and suggestions.  I welcome them (well…most of them lol).



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